New products!

  • Lightest and Smallest mobile power in the world (USB-
    flash-drive size), compact and light-weight enough
    for attaching to a key chain.  
  • Stylish design.
  • Rechargeable, emergency portable charger.
  • No adapters needed. Can be plugged into cell phones
    directly when power is needed.
  • Support majorities of cell phones on the market.
  • High capacity 850mAh Li-Polymer battery inside.
Download iPWR presentation (PDF format)
Emergency power on your
key chain!
Model iPWR-NK1 (Nokia)
Charging Motorola RAZR V3
Charging Bluetooth headset
Model iPWR-SM1
Model iPWR-LG1 (for LG
                           series Mobile Power keychain compatible
with Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry from RIM, LG, Samsung.
series mobile power for cell phones.